Pulling the Plug: A Rant Against Immediacy

Instant gratification is running amok. Why does easy access demand an immediate response? This notion is more understandable in a business setting—where the weight of a company’s money and time is constantly pressing—but it doesn’t end at the office door. I, rarely witnessed in the wild without my iTether, have been ridiculed by friends for not responding within minutes to casual, generalized salutations. There was no topic they wished to discuss, no statement they wished to make, no question they wished to pose, and yet I was saddled with their demand for an immediate, even superficial response. Continue reading

New Rules for an Evolved Social Strategy

It’s noisy out there. The social sphere is a cacophony of sound, made up of hundreds of millions of users and brands all vying for personal attention and individual recognition. For every belief that remains unchanged since social media’s initial boom, there are beliefs that have been challenged, rewritten, or completely disproven. Continue reading